Tracs ComHire a Tracs COM System

Tracs-COM is a general purpose, high speed, intelligent data link, operating through VHF or UHF radio bands. This can be used for a wide variety of applications where high reliability, speed and data integrity are required.


Designed using the latest technology, Tracs-COM is ruggedly built to meet mobile and static data transmission requirements including land survey RTK, land seismic exploration, mobile tracking and monitoring, agricultural land management, Differential GPS applications and SCADA. Tracs-COM can be operated in Rx only mode, Tx burst mode, Tx continuous mode, Tx/Rx mode and repeater mode. Repeater mode provides a secondary link to extend the operating range in areas where direct communication is obstructed. The system uses Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK) with a sophisticated error detection and correction code to ensure that the data is received reliably even under adverse conditions. External data interface is via two RS232 serial ports at rates up to 19,200 baud. The over-air bit rate is selectable for optimum performance at different ranges. Operating parameters are easily set up through the RS232 interface using a supplied PC program. Link status is displayed by front panel LED indicators. Channel selection is by means of a front panel switch or via a serial setup message


Data Rates
4800; 6000; 7200; 8000 (12.5kHz channels)
9600; 1200; 14,400; 16,000 (25kHz channels)

Data rate Channel spacing Typical range
4800 12.5kHz 48km
8000 12.5kHz 28km
9600 25kHz 40km
14,400 25kHz 27km
16,000 25kHz 25km
Over-air transmission rates with standard omniantennas at both ends

Frequency Bands
VHF 136-174MHz
UHF 440-512MHz

Number of Channels

Any 10 channels in the band can be stored using
the PC set up program. Front panel switch

Tracs COM system

Transmitter Power Output

10mW; 500mW or 2W software selectable. Can
be connected to an external PA where permitted

Channel Spacing

12.5kHz or 25kHz

Error Correction

Tracs-COM uses a shortened Hamming (12,8)
code which can correct 1bit per byte of


End fed dipole. Higher gain or directional antenna
may be used to achieve longer ranges where
radio regulations permit

Power Supply Options

9 to 36V DC. Load dump protected to 250V

Power Consumption

Typically 12W transmit, 4W receive for 2W
transmit power


-30 deg C to +50 deg C @ 0.5W continuous Tx
-30 deg C to +45 deg C @ 2W continuous Tx
-30 deg C to +50 deg C @ 2W 90% duty cycle
-30 deg C to +50 deg C @ 10W continuous Tx
(base station variant)

-45 deg C to +70 Deg C

H 56mm W 125mm D 242mm



Buffer overflow
Data received/transmitted
RF signal channel number

Serial I/O and power
12way multipole circular
TNC socket  
Pin Name Function
01 GND Ground
02 Rx(data) Data received from external unit
03 Tx(data) Data transmitted to external unit
04 RTS(data) CTS receiving from external unit
05 RTS(data) RTS transmitted to external unit
06 GND Ground
07 Command Tx Commands transmitted to external unit
08 Command Rx Commands received from external unit
09 GND Ground
10 TTL_1_OUT TTL output bit 1 (normally PTT out)
11 Power+ve DC input +ve (9 to 36V)
12 Power-ve Dc input -ve (9 to 36V)

Meets EN 300-113

IP65 standard
IP67 in marine grade housing