Who is DGPS 4U Ltd?
DGPS 4U is a company that provides solutions in GPS, DGPS, and GPS Tracking in the form of hardware and software in precise Positioning offering accuracy, repeatability and reliability  that gives the modern day farmer competitive advantage in modern day farm techniques. Whether one needs the most accurate data collection for area measurements to machine guidance, DGPS 4U can provide the perfect solution for you. With a 24/7 backup service with people that have more than 30 years experience in positioning systems.

DGPS 4U focus on Precision Agriculture and Farming
Modern sensors now fitted to modern data agriculture machinery for accurate mapping of yield and its potential on individual monitoring parts of fields. Enabling farmers / farm managers to now monitor and control the application of fertiliser, seed, and chemical spray rate, to improve the natural potential of the field. The long term result is higher profitability and less environmental impact.

DGPS 4U Ltd hardware systems and software solutions can be employed in the following roles on a 21st century farm: crop spraying, yield monitoring, spray control, soil sampling, crop walking, and farm asset management. Also, new to DGPS 4U product range is a Multi-View Camera system, a real health and safety plus, extending your view into those critical areas in and around the farm and machinery. DGPS Tel-Tel a device which will monitor and log what you are doing i.e. time of travel to job and route, time and position of any item that you switch on like pumps etc being used. If you wish to monitor and record for future reference other areas of the machine that are switched on or off it will record up to eight separate inputs. No input from the operator is required making it a true black box recorder.

2017 Shows & Exhibitions
We will be attending the following shows in 2017.
Come and see us demostrating the award winning Jethro at:

1st March 2017 - Aberdeen Spring Show, Aberdeen

14th & 15th June 2017 - Cereals North Lincolnshire, Boothby Graffoe

22nd to 25th June 2017 - Royal Highland Show, Edinburgh

22nd & 23rd Nov 2017 - Midlands Machinery Show, Newark